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Crimewatch CCTV of Attempted Robbery on KS Security Post Office Fortress Counter

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The footage of a violent attempted robbery at a Gravesend post office demonstrated the resilience of an attack resistant post office fortress counter, which was manufactured and installed by KS Security.

The video, originally aired on BBC’s Crimewatch, shows CCTV footage of the attempted robbery that took place on Tuesday 2 July 2013 at the Valley Parade sub post office in Gravesend. The BBC website explains how:

“…two masked offenders burst in.…A third masked man followed seconds later and shut the post office door behind them. One offender leapt over the counter and then grabbed one of the female shop staff.

She was held round the neck and then struck on the head twice with a claw hammer.

She was then violently shoved behind the counter causing her to fall backwards smacking her head as she fell.

One of the men attempted to smash the main post office window with a sledge hammer while the other stepped over the victim and attacked the door window to the entrance to the post office with a claw hammer.

Unable to get in he then attempted to rip open the shop till. When he couldn’t open it he dropped the till onto the victim.”

KS Security has been supplying the Post Office with physical security installations for decades ,from installations to modifications of Crown Offices, separation works between Royal Mail and Post Office Property Holdings, roll out of the Modified Sub Post Office’s, the Horizon modification project to Screen 2000.

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