Post Office Combi Counters

Post Office Combi Counters

Combi Counters are post office service counters designed to be installed alongside retail counters, where the operator serves both retail and post office transactions.

Unlike Open Plan Counters or Fortress Counters they are intended for infrequent use of 1 hour sessions while standing and do not have a recess for use of a chair.

If an employee is required to undertake frequent one 1-hour sessions then a stand-only counter is not suitable and sit-stand counter, or Open Plan Counter, should be installed.

Post Office Combi Counters come in both left and right-handed variations. Continue reading >>

Combi Design & Standards

Post Office Combi Counter Design & Standards
All KS Security Combi Counters meet the Post Office Ltd.'s designs and standards.
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One Position Combi

One Position Combi Counter
Our Single Position Combi Counters are ideal for low volume Post Offices, possibly in combination with a one position fortress.
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