Post Office Combi Counter Design & Standards

Post Office Combi Counter Design Standards

Combi Counters are Post Office service Counters designed to be installed alongside retail counters, where the operator serves both retail and Post Office transactions.

Unlike Open Plan Counters or Fortress Counters they are intended for infrequent use of 1 hour sessions while standing and do not have a recess for use of a chair.

If an employee is required to undertake frequent one 1-hour sessions then a stand-only counter is not suitable and sit-stand counter, or Open Plan Counter, should be installed.

Post Office Combi Counters come in single and double positions with both left and right-handed variations.

New Designs for 2011

From August 2011 the new IMREQ005 Counter Standards come into force, requiring all new or upgraded sub post offices to install the new counter designs. For more information about these standards please see our dedicated Post Office Standards page.

The new Combi Counters feature:

  • A low level surface with deep overhang, enabling good access for wheelchair use
  • Contrasting colour to assist the visually impaired
  • Counter top radius underside front edge to prevent injury to children
  • Counter top angled edge to help customers pick up items

Counter Specifications:

  • 1,100mm x 580mm x 975mm (WxDxH)
  • Pin pad required on low level surface
  • Hamper (non attack proof screen)
  • Flip Top Til space
  • Drop Safe space
  • Bidisafe space
  • Horizon Online Processor space

Office Printer

The new guidelines require the office printer to be placed at counter level, no more than 3 metre cable’s length from the Horizon processor and easily accessible without excessive twisting of the body. However, due to the low usage of a Combi Counter and if there is insufficient countertop space, the Office Printer may be installed on a lower shelf with a minimum height of 550mm.