IMREQ005 Counter Standards

Ergonomics is all about the ‘fit’ between people and their tools and environment, something which Post Office Ltd. has laid out in the IMREQ005 Counter Standards and the required formats for the installation of Horizon computer equipment.

All KS Security Post Office Fortress Counters are designed to these ergonomic standards; creating a more pleasurable working environment whether standing for short periods or sitting throughout the day.

IMREQ005 Ergonomics

Counter Leg Well

All Fortress and Open Plan counters now include a required leg-well and provision for sitting equipment, such as a chair and foot rest. A newly designed recessed false floor beneath the counter allows a chair to be position under the counter whilst also providing foot support. For shorter stature users an additional footrest can be used.

Office Printer Positioning

The new guidelines require the office printer to be placed at counter level, no more than 3 metre cable’s length from the Horizon processor and easily accessible without excessive twisting of the body.
For sub post offices that are upgrading this can often be problematic because of their existing layout and office furniture. We have found a number of successful alternative arrangements that have worked well for both the sub-postmaster and Post Office Ltd.

IMREQ005 Post Office Standards

Colour Contrast

All new Combi and Open Plan counters must be finished in a new colour scheme that is designed to benefit visually impaired customers. The design features contrasting colours in three places:

  • Countertop to edge
  • Visibility panel
  • Dark plinth (contrasting with the floor)

Fortress Counters aren’t currently required to have contrasting colours, however it could be considered best practise to include these within your design to assist customers and provide a modern appearance for your counter for years to come.