Maximizing Retail Space

From our years of experience working closely with sub-postmasters we understand the importance of achieving a balance between retail space and post office space; especially as each increase in square footage represents an increase in potential retail revenue.

Maximizing Retail Space

Personal Site Survey

Whether you are building from an empty shell or completely refitting existing premises, our site survey team will work with you, your architects and the Post Office Ltd. to design a post office counter system that compliments your retail space.

Changes in Post Office Requirements

Did you know that there have been recent changes (August 2011) to the Post Office Ltd.’s required standards for the design of counters? These changes have been made to improve the ergonomics of the counter workplace, benefiting the well-being of sub post office staff. However the changes do impact the space requirements of the sub post office, for example:

  • Staff side counter position dimensions: Minimum of 1128mm x 500mm deep
  • Minimum distance to cupboards/object behind counter edge: 1500mm
  • Minimum distance to wall behind counter edge: 2000mm

These three factors greatly influence the final amount of floor space required to accommodate a post office fortress counter or counters. In addition there are new standards for counter leg wells and printer positions which can be found on our IMREQ005 Counter Standards page.

Retail Space

By working closely with the Post Office Ltd area teams and taking into consideration all aspects of the internal building structure, safety requirements, observation of the counter standards and your ideal space requirements to run a successful business we aim to help maximize your retail space.